Zodiac VX55 Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner with Transport Trolley

R 20,999
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• For in-ground pools, all surfaces and shapes.

• Supplied with 21m cable, suitable for pools up to 15M x 7M


• Picks up large debris such as gum nuts, small twigs, eucalyptus leaves.

• Picks up fine debris such as Sand and Algae  larger than 200 microns.

• Unsuitable for dust/silt and other smaller particles smaller.



Waterproof kinetic remote with built-in motion sensors

The remote lets you drive the cleaner to where you want it, or have fun.

If you drop it no worries it is waterproof.

Extra large suction mouth and brushes

It has a large opening underneath to adapt to all kind of debris for deep cleaning of floors and walls.

Intelligent cleaning path

Vortex technology provides powerful and constant cyclonic suction to allow to capture large debris such as gum nuts, twigs & eucalyptus leaves while not losing suction power even when the canister is full.

Intelligent cleaning path

Auto steering correction coupled with Zodiac's Active Motion sensor technology allows the cleaner to manoeuvre itself around the pool ensuring it provides a thorough clean at the floors walls and waterline

Large canister with full canister indicator

Never touch debris again with this easy clean and remove of debris with no fuss.

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