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Poolquip weir vacuum lid
Shopping4Africa Poolquip weir vacuum lid
R 230
In stock, 196 units
Pool Skim bag - Blue
Shopping4Africa Pool Skim bag - Blue
From R 79
In stock, 210 units
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Africhem Wonder Cube
Shopping4Africa Africhem Wonder Cube
From R 45
In stock, 185 units
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Africhem Granular Chlorine 10kg
HTH Sparkle IT Cube - Fast Acting Pool Water Clarifier
HTH Shock It  - Kills bacteria & Algae 500g
HTH Pace Chlorine Floater for Pools up to 70 000L 1.5kg
HTH Non Stabilized Granular Chlorine Floater 1.5kg
HTH Early Warning Test Strips 25's
Pool filter sand, 40kg of 0.6 - 1.5mm
Clinobrite Filter sand, enhanced substitute 25kg
Poolskim Leaf Catcher hatPoolskim Leaf Catcher hat
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Pool Skim Leaf Catcher White
Pool Skim bag - Standard Black
Pool Chemical Dispenser Large (used for chlorine tabs)
pH Increase | Soda Ash 50kg for swimming pools
Geobubble solar covers for lappools
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Hug Bug flag large (set)
Shopping4Africa Hug Bug flag large (set)
R 329
In stock, 232 units
Hug Bug bellows (set)
Shopping4Africa Hug Bug bellows (set)
R 259
In stock, 7 units
Brush and Pole Hanger (Set of 2 brackets)
8 Wheel sweeper
Shopping4Africa 8 Wheel sweeper
R 329
In stock, 198 units
Inlet aimflo spout for swimming pools
Hydrostatic valveHydrostatic valve
Shopping4Africa Hydrostatic valve
R 280
In stock, 196 units
Hose Clamp 44-70mm pool heating panels
Hammer Gemini
Shopping4Africa Hammer Gemini
R 159
In stock, 73 units
Air Control Standard Large white
Africhem PH Increase 2kg
Shopping4Africa Africhem PH Increase 2kg
R 102
In stock, 200 units
Africhem Metal Remover
Shopping4Africa Africhem Metal Remover
R 220
In stock, 198 units
Africhem Chlorine Protector 1kg
Africhem  Calcium Chloride 4kg
12 Wheel sweeper

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