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Pentel Superb  Ballpen 0.7mm Fine Black 12’s
Croxley Box Storage P50 Bundle of 25
Maped Security Scissors - Spring Loaded 12cm
Croxley Box Storage P50 Per Box
Brush Holder- Round Plastic (49 Hole)
Brush Holder- Round Perspex (25 Hole)
Zinplex Combo No 3 Wash+Gel+Tabs 120
Kleenex Balsam 3Ply Pocket Pack 6 X 10
Aiwa 2.6” LED Projector Model ATQP-260
Dala Brushes - Round Brush Set (6pc)
Khoki Brushes Set - Assorted Size & Coloures (4pc)
Stamps Foam - Assorted Shapes (12pc)
Foam Stamps - Boy/Girl (4pc)
Rubber Stamps - Flower (6pc)
PepperTree Gel Hand Sanitizer 50 ml
Centrum MyNutrients Omega 3 Caps 60
Centrum Adult Tab 30
Neurovance Kids Syrup 200ml - mni
Bio-Strath Elixir 500ml
Creche Guard Immune Syrup 500ml
Creche Guard Restore Lolly 50ml Sac
Creche Guard Multivit Gummies 30
Creche Guard Brain Fuel Omega-3 60 ChewsCreche Guard Brain Fuel Omega-3 60 Chews
Natura BrainChild Multi Vit Chew 60
Natura BrainChild MultiVit + F/Oil C 120
Natura BrainChild Fish Oil Burstlets 60
Back2School Vitamin Pack - High SchoolBack2School Vitamin Pack - High School
Bennets Family Care Hygiene Wipes 15's
Wet Wipes - Anabel 80's (1)
Pencil Clutch Techniclick 0.5mm 1’s
Pentel HB Lead 0.5mm
Pentel Marker Whiteboard Maxflo Blue 12's
Pentel Marker Whiteboard Maxflo Black 12's

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