Black Silk Relaxer 225ml

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Black Silk Relaxer 

This black silk relaxer is a mild hair relaxer that makes your hair soft, yet strong enough to be styled how you like. This hair relaxer cream brings out the natural strength and beauty of your hair while giving you control to style it as you please. So that you can face each day with confidence.

Gentle and Nourishing

Black silk relaxer benefits your hair as it is specially formulated to be gentle and nourishing. It also contains mineral oil which coats your hair, enhancing its appearance and increasing the volume and shine of your hair. Mineral oil also protects your hair from external damage meaning you will have less breakage. This also helps your hair better withstand styling and blow-drying heat while leaving your hair soft, luxuriously long, and incredibly strong.

Facilitates styling

Black silk relaxer is formulated to facilitate styling. It achieves this through the active ingredient (Ammonium Bisulphite) which modifies hair fibres to facilitate changes to the structure of the fibres, such as straightening or permanent waves(perm). Making this relaxer the better option for stylings of the most unruly hair types, like very curly hair or afros. Giving you the freedom to express your personal style through your hair, easily and with confidence. While giving you peace of mind that you aren’t damaging your hair.

How to use black silk relaxer

When using this black silk relaxer be sure to follow these instructions. (Do not use a hair relaxer if you have cuts on your scalp or other forms of scalp irritation. Do not use a hair relaxer if your hair is in poor condition and breaks easily.)

  • Apply barrier cream, like petroleum jelly, to the hairline or scalp.
  • Using your fingers apply the relaxer to your hair using all the cream in the jar.
  • Gently comb the cream through your hair from front to back, starting close to the scalp, and ensure that every strand of hair is covered.
  • Comb from the back to the front, starting at the neck, for 10 minutes.
  • Comb hair from front to back again making it straight and flat against the scalp.
  • Allow the cream to sit on your hair for 60 minutes (1 hour).
  • After the full hour has passed thoroughly rinse your hair and scalp with warm water.
  • Gently dry your hair using a towel.
  • Your hair is now ready to be styled as you like.

For best results and hair that is like silk, use regularly in conjunction with other products from the Black Silk range.

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