Anima- Strath Granules 100g

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ANIMA-STRATH GRANULES 100G Give your pet a nutritional head start to life and their general day to day too, with Anima-Strath Pet Nutritional Supplement Granules.

These granules are unique, because they help prevent potential disease and deficiencies, help strengthen your pet’s immune system, encourage healthy skin and hair growth, reduces recovery time, combats anxiety, supports normal development of the foetus, assist with concentration and SO MUCH MORE.

This supplement can be given daily to boost your dog’s overall health but if you feel that your dog isn’t 100% then it’s always important to take him to your vet. Remember that if you detect diseases early enough, they can be treated before it is too late. We advise you go for a routine check-up at your vet every 6 to 12 months.

Suitable for ALL animals at ALL life stages
Helps prevent potential disease and deficiencies by helping your pet get all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need
Helps to strengthen immune syst




100g tub

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