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Shoo-fly Spray – Description Give flies a message to steer clear, with SHOO-FLY repellent for dogs and horses. Its a pleasant-smelling, safe, long-acting repellent which provides highly effective protection against all flies, especially those that bite. Keep flies away for days: apply SHOO-FLY Ointment around the face and ears and SHOO-FLY Spray on the body. SHOO-FLY Spray is a pleasant-smelling solution that offers convenient and effective protection against all flies. The spray contains two strong insect-repellent substances as well as aromatic oils and citronella oil, and it is very safe to use. Also repels ticks and fleas! To use SHOO-FLY Spray: First brush the coat to remove dirt and dust, then spray or wipe onto the animals body and ears. For horses: legs, flanks and shoulders should receive special attention. Use caution when applying near the eyes – rather wipe there than spray. Contains Permethrin 1%, Esbiothrin 0.35%, Piperonyl Butoxide 1.5% and aromatic oils, i


Permethrin 0,5%, pyrethrum 0,4%, piperonyl butoxide 5%


200ml spray

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