Lulubee Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap (set of 3)

Size: Small wrap 20cm x 20cm
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A natural food storage alternative to plastic wrap.

Lulubee Food Wraps are plant-based hand dyed utilising natures colour palette. Made from cotton, beeswax, tree resin & grapeseed oil.

This variety pack is a must for your kitchen! Wrap sandwiches, cheese, herbs, cut vegetables or fruit. Perfect for snacks when on the move, or to cover food in a bowl.

1 Small 20 x 20cm: wrap half avocado, lemon, end of a cucumber, herbs or cover a jug
1 Medium 28 x 28cm: wrap a sandwich, cheese, cut brinjal, carrots, snack pack or cover a bowl
1 Large 35 x 35cm: wrap a half a butternut, paw-paw, cabbage, baked goods or cover a bowl

- Lulubee wraps come in PURPOSEFUL PACKAGING. Reuse the packaging as storage for your wraps. Fold and store Lulubee Wrap in the purposeful packaging until next use. - CARING FOR YOUR WRAP Wipe excess food off the wrap and hand wash in cool, mildly soapy water. Place on drying rack indoors.

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