Rapid pump/Eartheco 230V|Swimming pool pump for large debris |

Options:: 0.75kW Rapid pump
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Why choose this pump

If there is good chance for large particles and debris to enter the pump, the Rapid pump is a good choice due to design of the impeller and pump casing.

Pump sizing

  • 0.6kW is normally use in private swimming pools with a volume of water up to 40000 L in conjunction with a 2-bag sand filter or larger filter
  • 0.75kW pumps for up to 60000L with 3-bag sand filter
  • 1,1kW pump with a 4-bag sand filter for up to 90000L pools

Product Information

These are self priming, centrifugal type pumps with open vane impellers to prevent clogging. They are fitted with leaf trap strainers, mechanical shaft seals and squirrel cage induction motors with heavy duty ball bearings.


2 year under normal operating condition

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