Portia-M Skin Day Cream 50ml

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Portia-M anti-blemish marula skin day cream is more than just a moisturiser cream. Portia-M for dark spots helps to remove blemishes and uneven skin tone while hydrating and moisturising the skin. Used as a daily moisturiser for prolonged periods gives the best results, with a number of benefits for your skin. Portia-M for dark spots will give you soft, clear, and comfortable skin, for you to face the day with confidence.


Portia-M for dark spots comes in a 50ml container. This allows you to use it daily, which gives optimal results, for longer without having to restock. So your skin routine won’t be interrupted, keeping your skin looking beautiful for longer.


Portia-M for dark spots is first and foremost a moisturiser that hydrates your skin. Moisturising your skin has a number of benefits including, preventing dryness, giving you youthful skin, enhancing cell turnover, soothing sensitive skin and more. Using this daily moisturiser is the best choice for the health and beauty of your skin.


Portia-M for dark spots has anti-blemish properties. Prolonged use as a daily moisturiser allows this cream to correct blemishes, like pimples, blackheads, and more. This gives you beautiful clear skin that you can show off to the world with confidence.

Uneven skin tone

Portia-M for dark spots can also help with uneven skin tone through prolonged daily use. It does this by lightening the blemishes in the uneven area. However, it will maintain your natural complexion while correcting uneven skin tone. Therefore, this cream will help to restore your skin’s natural radiant beauty.

SPF 20

Portia-M for dark spots contains SPF 20 which provides maximum protection for your skin against sun damage. This is especially important as UV rays from the sun are one of the leading causes of skin damage. Therefore, you can enjoy a wonderful sunny day outside without worrying about the health of your skin.

Omega fatty acids

Portia-M for dark spots is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. These Omega fatty acids have a number of benefits for your skin. These include acne reduction, protection from sun damage, and relief from itchy and dry skin. This Portia-M cream supplies your skin with all the Omega fatty acids it needs to flourish, and shine.

SABS approved

Portia-M for dark spots has been dermatologically tested and approved through the SABS at Medunsa Photobiology laboratory. Therefore, you can rest assured that this is a quality product, that is effective and safe for your skin.

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