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LAXAPET is a highly palatable and effective laxative specially formulated for dogs and cats. It is a malt-based gel flavoured with fish oil and is readily accepted by all animals. – Laxapet contains Petrolatum, Lecithin, fish liver oil and vitamins A, B1, B12, B2 and B6. – Laxapet softens the stools and lubricates the contents of the alimentary canal. It is a very good laxative for constipated animals but is especially effective in the prevention and treatment of hairball impaction in cats. – Because Laxapet is so palatable, you can feed it directly or apply it to a cats’ nose, or front paw and the cat will simply lick it off.


Petrolatum BP 2 g, Lecithin 250 mg. Cod liver oil 65 mg, Vitamin A 800 iu. Vitamin B 0,25 mg, Vitamin B2 0,15 mg, Vitamin B6 0,2 mg, Vitamin B12 0,5 mcg.


50g tube

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