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KITTYMILK is a powdered milk for reconstitution, especially formulated for cats and kittens. This palatable, easy-mix formula is a nutritional supplement and milk replacer for kittens. It is formulated to be similar to cats milk in fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and mineral content and supplies the essential nutrients that kittens need to ensure healthy growth and development. When their mothers are not around to feed them kittens need KITTYMILK to grow strong and healthy. Well-balanced KITTYMILK can also be used as a food supplement for all cats, especially those pregnant, lactating, or recovering from illness. Contains milk protein, egg yolk, vegetable fats, maltodextrins, soya protein, added vitamins and trace elements, amino acids taurine, arginine and methionine, biotin, folic acid and fluoride. It is high in zinc. All the nutrient and energy requirements of a kitten are supplied by KittyMilk, 10 grams of which has an energy content of 196 kilojoules.


Biotin, folic acid, fluoride, zinc, arginine, taurine, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals. Milk protein, egg yolk, animal and vegetable fats, maltodextrins, soya isolates, plus BHT/BHA as antioxidants.


250g tub

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