JVC Bluetooth Speaker XS-N5120PBC

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JVC Bluetooth Speaker XS-N5120PBC

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers JVC is renowned for its budget-friendly price without compromising on sound quality. This has never been more apparent than with the JVC Bluetooth speaker XS-N5120PBC. This fantastic Bluetooth trolley speaker will allow you to bring your music with you wherever you go and share it with everyone around you.

True Wireless Stereo function

With these Bluetooth speakers JVC ensured that your sound quality is the best possible, by using True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology. TWS is the latest innovation in Bluetooth technology allowing life-like sound to be transferred without wires using Bluetooth. Allowing you to enjoy your music with clear crisp audio the way the artists intended, without struggling with cables.


These speakers offer a range of connectivity options with FM radio, USB/SD, and Bluetooth connectivity. Allowing you to enjoy quality music from whatever source is most convenient for you, so there is never “nothing” to listen to using this high-quality speaker. This speaker even has a remote control allowing you to easily skip a song, or change the source without moving off the dance floor.


Making more than just Bluetooth speakers JVC equipped these units with recording functionality. Allowing you to record your singing to share it with the world, or just your close friends. This speaker even comes with one wireless microphone so it has everything you need to host a karaoke night, record a family Christmas album, or just have fun messing around with it.

10”x2 woofer + magnet tweeter

This Bluetooth speaker has two 10” woofers with magnet tweeters. With the woofers made for the bass frequencies and the tweeters made for higher frequency sounds. Therefore, this speaker can handle the full audio range and have enough power to ensure everyone can hear it. Allowing you to enjoy your music no matter the genre.

12V/7A Battery

This trolley speaker has a 12V/7A Lead-Acid battery. With the speaker using 80 Watts of power, this size battery should be able to last up to an hour before you need to worry about giving it power. This allows you to keep the party going even during load shedding, at least for one more hour.

LED lights

More than just Bluetooth speakers JVC equipped this trolley speaker with LED lights. These provide a light show to accompany your music. Therefore, you can bring the party with you wherever you go with this speaker providing the full dance floor experience.

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