Goldair 158L Wine Cooler GWC-158

R 9,999
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  • 158L - 54 Bottles - 5~18°C - R600a
  • Single zone, 54 Bottles, 158 Litres
  • Free-standing installation
  • Wire shelf -Recessed handle
  • Digital temperature control
  • Tempered glass door
  • Touch pad digital control with blue LED readout Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Display Dimensions: 480x470x1300
  • 1 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty

The Goldair wine cooler is perfect for any modern wine collector. To clarify this is not the wine cooler beverage which is a combination of wine, fruit, sugar, and carbonated water. This is a wine cooler appliance designed to keep your wines perfectly chilled while they mature.

Many may ask why you would need a wine cooler when you have a refrigerator. Well, a wine cooler is specifically designed to store wines, with features that protect your wine's maturing process. These include low vibration condensers which prevent your wine from jostling which can harm the maturation process.

Additionally, fridges can dry out the cork which causes shrinking and can allow oxygen into the wine. Fridges also have temperature fluctuations and lower the temperature too far which can prevent the wine from maturing.

With a sleek design, and a clean black finish this wine cooler will fit seamlessly into any contemporary aesthetic. While protecting and displaying your wine collection, making this wine cooler the perfect appliance for any connoisseur’s wine collection.

Single Zone 158L Compartment

This Goldair wine cooler has a massive 158L compartment. It is capable of storing a total of 54 bottles of wine. This allows you to keep a decent collection of wines in one easily accessible place while keeping them in ideal conditions for maturation. The wine cooler has a single zone, which means the entire compartment is kept at the same temperature throughout.


This beautiful wine cooler is free standing allowing you to put it wherever you want in your household so it doesn't disturb your design aesthetic, as long as it can reach a plug. Therefore you can store your wine wherever is most convenient for you in your home. This provides convenience as you can keep your wine by your braai area, or in the dining room wherever you are most likely to need a bottle of your wine.

Wire Shelf

Complimenting the modern design of this wine cooler is its wire shelving. Not only does this stay in line with the wine cooler’s modern aesthetic, but it also stores your wine at the appropriate angle for maturation. The wire shelving also helps to reduce vibration transfer to the wines and stops the bottles from rolling around in the wine cooler. All this while providing easy access to your wine, and easy storage that is the height of convenience.

Tempered Glass Door

This Goldair wine cooler also has a tempered glass door with a recessed handle, which allows you to display your wine collection for all to see while storing it in optimal conditions. This tempered glass door also allows you to peruse your collection in the wine cooler to choose the most suitable wine for the moment, without opening the door, which would cause temperature fluctuations. 

Tempered glass also has a number of advantages over traditional glass, it is tougher therefore it won't break or scratch as easily. Tempered glass is also safer as if it breaks it will disintegrate into small relatively harmless granular chunks. Whereas traditional glass can break into large dangerous shards. This wine cooler’s tempered glass door is sturdy and safe, while providing convenience and the perfect display for your wine collection.

Digital Temperature Control

This Goldair wine cooler also has digital temperature control, with a temperature range from 5°C-18°C. This allows you to set the wine cooler to the optimal temperature for your wine collection. This is because different wines have different ideal storage temperatures, from 5°C-10°C for a light sweet white, to 15°C-18°C for a full red wine. Therefore, this wine cooler can be set to the ideal temperature for maturation no matter what type of wine you collect.

Touch Pad Control

In keeping with this wine cooler’s modern design, it has a touchpad digital control with a blue LED readout. The touchpad allows you to easily adjust the temperature of the wine cooler, so you can adjust it to the needs of your wine collection. The LED display can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit so you can use whichever unit you’re most comfortable with. This touchpad keeps you in control of your wine cooler's condition, while the display lets you easily monitor the temperature. Therefore you are always assured that your wine collection is kept in ideal conditions.

1 Year Standard Warranty

With so many great features it is a great relief that this Goldair wine cooler comes with a 1-year standard warranty. This ensures that all of the features of this wine cooler will work when you receive it. This warranty also covers any breakdowns that occur in the first year caused by faulty manufacturing. This gives you peace of mind when buying this wine cooler. As you are assured that you are getting a quality product that will provide ideal storage conditions for your cherished wine collection.

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