Colix Infant Drops 5ML

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Dr Spooks Colix Infant Drops

Colic is a very common condition that affects babies and their parents.  Colix Infant Drops is a natural product that can be added to infant milk to treat temporary lactose intolerance in babies suffering from colic. It treats the cause and not the symptoms, assisting in preventing abdominal bloating and distress in the intestines.

Colix Infant Drops breaks down lactose into 2 easily digestible sugars to avoid a build-up of gas. It is trusted by thousands of South African moms and has GRAS status, which means it is non-toxic even in extremely high doses. You can give it to your baby without any worry or hassle.


  • Ideal for babies suffering from colic.
  • Non-toxic, GRAS status (FDA term for ‘Generally Recognised As Safe’)
  • Any excess is simply digested as Colix Infant Drops is simply protein.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Suitable to use from birth.


Lactase Enzyme. 

The enzyme in COLIX infant drops breaks down the milk sugar (lactose) into the two sugars, glucose and galactose, which are readily absorbed into the bloodstream thus preventing the build up of gases in the colon.

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