Cerene Teething Powders 20

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What is Cerene Teething Powder

Cerene Baby Teething Powder contains Camomile to soothe and calm general irritability, Calc Fluor reduces tender and swollen gums and also helps if the teeth are late. Calc Phos aids the formation of strong healthy teeth and bones.

How to use:

Cerene Baby teething Powder is packed in easy-to-use sachets.

Gently empty the sachet onto baby’s tongue or for added benefit rub the gums with some of the powder before emptying the remainder onto baby’s tongue.

  • 100% natural – 100% safe
  • Soothes and calms your baby
  • Helps in the formation of bones and teeth, & reduces swelling of the gums
  • Contains NO flavourants, colourants, preservatives, alcohol or caffeine.


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