Cemcrete cement-based pool coating 15kg Blue/White/Charcoal

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Cemcrete cement-based pool coating 15kg White/Charcoal/Blue

A cement-based coating which can be applied easily and quickly using a paint brush. Pool Coating is intended to revitalise your old, pitted, dirty pool plaster as an alternative to re-plastering. 

The completed work should be air cured for 6 days before filling the pool with water. Any rain water that does fall during this period should be immediately removed from the pool. Allow an extra day's air curing for each day of ran during the six day curing period.


  • Application with a brush and/or roller
  • Economical & easy to apply
  • Fresh finish to old surfaces
  • Excellent bond, flexural and tensile strength
  • Good abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Becomes an integral part of the pool plaster
  • Surface is smooth with a slight brush/roller texture

Is a "pool coating project" for you?

DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiasts and experienced painters will find it easy to apply this product.

Allow 2 days for this project: Day 1 for preparation of the surface and Day 2 for application of the pool coat.

Extend the life expectancy of the product by doing the following:

  • Sand down the entire pool surface with grinder using special grinding disc
  • Clean the surface with high pressure washer, mop the water up
  • Vacuum entire surface to ensure it is dust-free before application of the pool paint
  • Air curing of the newly painted swimming pool surface for 6 days before filling with water


Cemcrete Pool Coating is intended to revitalize the surface as an alternative to re-plastering. It must be noted that Pool Coating is a once-off application. Should the surface become unacceptable over time, the pool will have to be re-plastered.

Suitable Surfaces

Old, dirty pool plaster that has been acid-washed. Not for application to oil paint, plastic paint, new cement surfaces, fibreglass or new pool plaster.

Unopened drums can be stored in a dry shed, protected from freezing for 6 months.


Do not apply if rain or freezing conditions are expected within 4 hours of application. During hot weather paint during early morning and late afternoon. Any rain that does fall should be immediately removed from the pool until 6 days air curing period has elapsed.

Surface Preparation

If algae is present, dilute 4 cups HtH into a 10 litre bucket of warm water and apply liberally to dry, affected areas. Leave for 24 hours to kill spores, then wire-brush and flush off with clean water. In a plastic bucket make a solution of 1 volume hydrochloric acid and 2 volumes water. Apply liberally to old plaster using a block-brush or nylon-bristled brush. Allow acid solution to effervesce vigorously on the surface for at least five minutes. Begin acid-washing in the deep end of the pool before it is covered with neutralized acid solution.

Flush and brush the surface well using clean water and a wire-brush to ensure that the surface is absolutely clean and hard. The acid-washing and wire-brushing must be done in such a way that the surface is visibly roughened and all traces of calcium scale are removed. Jabbing with a paint scraper is sometimes necessary. If there is any doubt, a second acid-washing and wirebrushing should be carried out.


Remove contents of drum. Pour in the liquid from the plastic bottle. While stirring with a flat paddle, slowly pour in the powder from the plastic bag. Mix to a creamy consistency. If too stiff, add small amounts of water while stirring until a comfortable painting consistency is obtained. Do not over-thin. Excessive mixing could cause foaming. Use all mixed material within 1 hour. If a longer time is anticipated, split the packs and mix smaller batches.


All pipes, weirs, mosaics, etc. should be masked using masking tape. The tape must be removed the same day before the coating has hardened excessively.

Application of pool coating

Surface to be damp but not glistening with water. Apply two coats liberally using a large paint brush. Finish with the tip of the brush to minimize brush marks. The brush should be worked horizontally for the first coat and vertically for the second coat. A lambs-wool roller may be used for applying the second coat. Allow complete drying between coats (minimum 3 hours), but both coats must be applied on the same day. Wash brushes thoroughly in clean water when work is held up. Do not pour unused mixes of Pool Coating down municipal drains.

Curing of swimming pool coat

The completed work should be air cured for 6 days before filling the pool with water. Any rain water that does fall during this period should be immediately removed from the pool. Allow an extra day's air curing for each day of rain during the six day curing period. Any stains caused by leaves or any other normal organic matter can partially be removed with a solution of 1 part hydrochloric acid and 20 parts clean water immediately before filling. Allow three weeks before the automatic pool cleaner is restarted. During this period use the pool brush only.


  • One 15 kg twin pack (a drum) will cover approximately 25m2 with two coats as per the manufacturer label.
  • Recommended for first time DIY enthusiasts to adjust coverage to 20m2 with two coats (to allow for wastage).
  • 3 Drums are usually sufficient for painting an average 4,5m x 9m pool.

Packaging per Drum
15 kg twin-pack

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