Cartridge Filter Spaflo 25 housing complete with lid, but without inner cartridge

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Most used spa cartridge filter for jacuzzi's (spas) in South Africa. The housing is complete, but no cartridge inside.

A spa filter cartridge is essential to clean water and remove debris.


Benefit of having a cartridge filter for spas:

  • Cartridge filters are much smaller than sand filters which is the alternate option for spas;
  • Cartridge filters remove finer debris from water than sand filters, thus filtrates better;
  • Heat-loss through the filter housing is less than with a sand filter due to the smaller outside surface area;
  • Clean of cartridge filters takes less water than the "backwash & rinse cycle" of sand filters;
  • Finally its uses up less space in a compact pump-box and is nowadays commonly installed in jacuzzi's / spas.


    Exploded diagram of 25ft3 Quality spa cartridge filter:

    Exploded diagram of Quality Spa Cartridge filter

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