Bravecto PLUS Small Cats(1.2 - 2.8kg) YELLOW

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BRAVECTO PLUS is a spot-on treatment for cats that will treat your cat against ticks, fleas, mites and worms. It is an easy-to-apply solution that keeps your cat parasite-free for 3 months. Fluralaner and Moxidectin keep the ecto- and endo-parasites away from your precious cat, giving you peace of mind that she’s protected from ticks, fleas, mites and worms.

All you need to do is twist the pipette (the cap doesn’t come off completely) to open the tube. You’ll feel the seal break. Make sure your cat’s back is horizontal (she can be standing or lying down), part the fur at the base of her skull and apply the treatment on one spot (for cats up to 6,25 kg) or on two spots (for cats heavier than 6,25 kg). Wash your hands after application. COMPOSITION The Fluralaner goes to work against ticks, fleas and ear mites, while the Moxidectin protects your cats from hookworm, roundworm and heartworm.

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