Natura BrainChild Multi Vit Chew 60

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Vitamins and minerals are vital for all stages of physical and mental development and can assist in preventing health problems. BrainChild chewable multivitamin & mineral tablets for children is a tasty, raspberry flavoured, chewable supplement that provides the nutrients your child needs for growing up strong and healthy.

Benefits of BrainChildTM Multivitamin and Mineral supplement:

VITAMIN A: Contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and normal functioning of the immune system.
VITAMIN D: Supports the development of healthy bones and teeth, and contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.
VITAMIN A & C: Antioxidants that help protect your body from free radical damage and contribute to normal functioning of the immune system.
B-VITAMINS: Vital for mental health. The brain uses large amounts of B-vitamins. Because these vitamins are water-soluble, they pass out of the body quickly – this means that even a short term deficiency may have an effect on how your child thinks and feels.
CALCIUM: Calcium is key to healthy bone and teeth formation, and contributes to normal muscle and nerve function.
ZINC: Zinc supports the immune system to help fight infections.

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