Bioflora Superior Probi Immune Boost 60g

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Bioflora Superior Probi Immune Boost 60g

BIO-FLORA POWDER – Help your pet’s digestive and immune system now!

Having the right balance of bacteria helps your pet to optimize the nutritional benefits of their food intake and can help prevent some gastric illnesses.

Probiotics are believed to be useful in improving digestion and are reputed to help improve immune function.  Adding probiotics to your pet’s diet may be most useful if your pet:

*Is on or has had antibiotic treatment.

*Has recently experienced stress in any form.


*Superior, imported multiple strain probiotic blend (8 strains)

*High concentration of viable colony forming units

*Highly palatable powder that can be administered with food or on its own

*Convenient once daily dosage

*Cost effective

*Dosage measure included

*Rapidly restores and maintains natural intestinal flora bal

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