Bayticol 2% EC 1000ml @

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Bayticol 2% EC 1000ml @

Bayticol Dip & Spray controls ticks on cattle, horses, dogs, ostriches & chickens of all ages.

This can be used as dip or a spray:

  • Sterilises female ticks
  • Kills stable flies
  • Reduces screw-worm strikes on tick-bite wounds(does not, however, kill screw worm maggots)
  • Has a residual action
  • No stripping problems
  • Protects animals against tick infested diseases
  • Controls northern fowl mite infestation in poultry
  • Controls feather mite and ticks in ostriches

Then longer the dip is in regular use, the more the tick population is reduced. It then becomes possible to dip less often.

Directions for use

Dip or spray at regular intervals according to the tick challenge. Ensure thorough wetting of the animals. Add the required amount of Bayticol to a small quantity of water in a bucket and mix well. Add mixture to the water in the plunge dip or spray race.

Available in 1L & 5L

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