Aquatabs Flo

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Aquatabs Flo

Disinfects up to 180,000 Litres.

Easily connect up to any water storage tank.

Aquatabs Flo® is a low cost water purification system. It brings the chemistry of Aquatabs from “point-of-use” so that water is purified at “point of entry”. A patented design, its simplicity works on the flow of the water with no power, moving parts or maintenance required.

What is Aquatabs Flo®

Aquatabs Flo® water disinfection unit, kills microorganisms, like viruses and bacteria, in your water ensuring that Legionella is eliminated, and biofilm remains under control. This small, easy to use purification unit not only makes your water safer, it will continue to protect the water within your system. It can be used in new and retrofit situations and is very simple to install in most header/ground tanks for private, grouped water schemes, small medical centres, schools and even rain water harvesting systems. Connections will be available for hand-pumps and stand-pipes in the near future. Aquatabs Flo® is USEPA approved for drinking water.

Why use Aquatabs Flo®

Untreated water is at risk of contamination with harmful microorganisms. And even treated water may be at risk of contamination by organisms such as Legionella if stored for a long time in a tank or piping dead-leg. 20% of well water is contaminated with bacteria including potentially fatal VTEC – (Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli). Aquatabs Flo® water purification unit makes all your water safer to drink.

Where to use Aquatabs Flo®

-Attic and ground tanks
-Community water points
-Small Medical Centres
-Private wells & group water schemes
-Water Kiosks


1. Certification Standards:

-Pharmaceutical manufacturer -certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
-Audited by HPRA (Health Products and Regulatory Authority of Ireland) to EU directive.
-ISO 9001:2015
-ISO 13485: 2016
-ISO 14001: 2015
-OHSAS 18001:2007

2. Raw material and packaging suppliers audited to GMP and /or ISO9001:2015 standard by Medentech personnel.
3. Medentech operates a fully audited batch tracking system and retains samples of all batches for shelf-life plus one year.
4. Validated manufacturing processes.
5. Complete quality control analysis for all batches according to customer specifications
6. Stability studies conducted according to ICH (International Committee on Harmonisation)
7. Has a team of highly qualified technical personnel to PhD standard.
8. NSF Approved for 10mg per litre. (Not all products NSF approved)

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