Aquatabs - Effervescent Tablets 67mg (10 pack)

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Aquatabs - Effervescent Tablets 67mg (10 pack)

How to have safe, clean drinking water even if you're unsure if your tap water is safe to consume.
If you have ever had debilitating stomach cramps to the point where you cannot even move, let alone get to the bathroom because the water you have just drank has made you so ill, then you understand how important safe drinking water is.

Whether you need to effectively treat your tap water, water you're using when out camping or even in emergency situations having an easy-to-use tablet on hand to treat the water will give you that peace of mind the water is SAFE to drink.

The Aquatabs Effervescent 67mg Tablets do just that...

This 10 pack bundle will provide up to 2000 liters of safe drinking water for you and your family. Which all means less trips to the clinic and less money spent on these trips.


-Each packet has 10 dissolving tablets.
-One 67mg dissolving tablet can purify a container of 20 liters of cold or lukewarm clear water, and two tablets for dirty water.
-Ease of Use: Simply open and put in the water, mix well and wait 30 minutes and you have clean safe water.
-Affordability: One of the least expensive options for water treatment
-Easy transportation
-Safe to store and handle: The Aquatabs have a 3-year shelf life
-For disaster relief: Designed specifically for immediate response to disasters so clean and safe water can be provided for the displaced families and communities


-Saves Time: Fewer trips to the clinic with safe water means less money spent
-Saves Space: In post-disaster times or the displacement of families, there isn’t space to carry clean water.
-Saves Lives: Every family can source any water they can find and know their family has clean and safe water to survive the hardship they are experiencing
-Aquatabs will lead to a 99.9999% reduction in bacteria, a 99.99% reduction in viruses and a 99.9% reduction in Cysts (Giardia) within 30 minutes when used in non-turbid water.

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