AeroChamber Child Medical Mask Yellow

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AeroChamber Child Medical Mask Yellow

It is an anti-inflammatory medication and contains a steroid. It must be taken everyday to prevent inflammation in the lungs. Wipe face after use and rinse your mouth after using the preventer to prevent hoarseness or oral thrush.

How to use the aerochamber • Remove the protective cap from the inhaler. • Check the spacer for any foreign objects and ensure the mask fits smugly onto the face. • Shake the inhaler. • Insert the inhaler into the back piece of the chamber. • Place the mask over the mouth and nose, ensuring there is a good seal between the mask and the face. • Press the inhaler. • The brightly coloured flow indicator will move slightly as the child breaths in and out. • Keep the aerochamber over the child’s nose and mouth and allow the child the take 5-6 breaths through the aerochamber. • Only one puff of medication should be delivered at a time. • For additional doses of the inhaler repeat steps 3-8 • Remove the inhaler from the aerochamber and replace the protective covering on the inhaler.

Cleaning and storage • To reduce static the aerochamber should be cleaned monthly. The facemask may however need more frequent cleaning. • Remove the back piece only. Do not remove the mask or valve • Wash all parts in warm soapy water. • Do not rinse and allow to dry naturally • Wipe the mask piece to remove detergent. • Reassemble part when fully dry. • If the valves are damaged replace the aerochamber. • Change aerochamber yearly • Store in a container or bag to keep clean.

Features The areochamber is available in an infant mask (orange) and in a child’s mask (yellow). The aerochamber acts as a holding chamber for inhaled medication from a metered dose inhaler therefore allows time for medication to be inhaled. The aerochamber has an universal port and will suit a variety of metered dose inhaler Before initial use test spray the inhaler or if not used for a period of time. Change aerochamber yearly

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