Advocate X-Large Dog 3x4.0ml 25kg Blue

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Advocate X-Large Dog 3x4.0ml 25kg Blue

Advocate X-Large Dog 6x4.0ml 25kg+ Blue is a topical prevention and treatment for mixed parasitic infections in canines. It kills fleas on contact and prevents re-infestations for 4 weeks, while eliminating flea larvae in the environment. The product may also aid in the control of flea allergy dermititis, and treats ear mite infestations, sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange, and infections of ascarids, hookworms, whipworms, and heartworm. It should not be used on cats. Active ingredients: Imidacloprid 10% m/v; Moxidectin 2.5% m/v. Pack of 6 pipettes.


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