Zodiac Replacement Gearbox A & B For MX8

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The gearbox of the Zodiac swimming pool cleaner is integral part and replacement part of steering system.
The Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner functions with two gearboxes, marked A and B.
Gears inside the gearbox ensure correct directional change-over and steering of the machine.

Wondering how to test if the MX8's gearbox is faulty?

  • Click here to see a short video to test the gearbox functionality.
Questions & Answers:


1. How do I check which side gearbox is faulty? Have a look at the video above.

2. Are the gears inside the MX8 gearbox available? Unfortunately loose gears are not available, only the complete gearbox.

3. Where is side "A" or "B" marked
? Look on the side of component to view the letter "A" or "B".

Alternative method:

When the MX8 machine faces you with the top cover's yellow button in front, the gearbox on the right-hand side is Gearbox A and the gearbox on the left-hand side is Gearbox B.


Exploded diagram of the MX8 pool cleaner:





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