Top Coat for fibreglass swimming pool linings

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Click here for a overview of the installation process of fibreglass swimming pool linings. 

  • Top coats is used in the final coat of paint to seal and protect the underlying fibreglass mat from water.
  • Remember to add 1% to 3% per volume of catalyst to activate hardening

Standard colours:

  • White, SkyBlue & Clear Top coat are normally delivered from stock.

IMPORTANT - All other colours are non-standard

  • You will have to wait a bit longer for delivery of non-standard colours 
  • Non-standard colours can not be returned for a refund
  • Colour variances may be visible between different orders

Sizes available:

  • 25kg - White, Skyblue, Charcoal
  • 5kg   - White, Skyblue, Charcoal, Clear and all other colours

Be ordinary or artistic: 

We supply top coats in a range of colours from white, charcoal, skyblue, deep blue to orange, pink, yellow and jakaranda-purple.

The easiest colour to work with is white top coat and that is what we will recommend from a practical point of view. White top coat do not change colour or fade as all other colours do.


Dark or bright colours will fade over time.

To reduce the effect of fading and stains, ensure that the water's pH (7.2 - 7.6) and Total Alkalinity (80 - 120ppm) is kept within the ideal range.

    BUT DO NOT let our warning dampen your artistic flair! Do something different and share your photos with us.



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