Regal Cat Health Tonic Powder 30G

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Regal Cat Health Tonic has been formulated using Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemic Tissue Salts to assist with keeping your feline in good health – to calm, heal and strengthen. Using Dr. Schüssler’s principles that tissue salts can help to promote balance within the body and thereby prevent ill health, this tonic will assist with the following:
* Allergies
* Circulation
* Digestion
* Immunity
* Joint health
* Nervous system
* Respiratory health
* Skin and coat health
* Urinary tract health

If your cat is prone to suffering from ongoing health problems or if you simply want to add extra support to his/her daily care regime, this tonic will offer added benefits naturally and safely


Calc. Fluor; Calc. Phos;Calc Sulph; Ferrum Phos;Kali Mur;Kali Phos;Kali Sulph;Mag Phos;Nat Mur; Nat Phos; Nat Sulph – all D6



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