P&G Water Purification Packets - Box 240 Packets

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P&G Water Purification Packets - Box 240 Packets

The P&G™ Water Purification Packets can be used to treat contaminated freshwater sources. Providing you with clean drinking water.

Staying well hydrated while keeping yourself sanitised is a priority during the current global crisis.

Being able to have a clean safe water source to do these things is therefore vital.

One box will give the average family of four up to 6 months of safe, clean drinking water. It works out to less than 20 cents per clean litre of water!

Clean any fresh water source of:

-Heavy Metals


The P&G™ Water Purification Packets treat for sediment, arsenic, bacteria, lead, viruses, humic acid, protozoan cysts, and DDT.
240 x P&G™ packets per box to purify 2400 liters of water. 10 liters per packet.
Robust in removal of turbidity, cysts (> 3 logs), viruses (> 4 logs),
bacteria (> 6 logs) and arsenic from contaminated water sources
such as creeks, rivers, lakes, and ponds.

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