Pet Dent Toothpaste

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PET DENT Toothpaste is a malt-flavoured dental paste formulated especially for animals, suitable for use in dogs and cats for the prevention of mouth and gum diseases. – It is also very effective as a treatment for bad breath. – It contains whiteners and a powerful antibacterial agent to keep the mouth healthy and the teeth clean and attractive. – PET DENTToothpaste contains no foaming agents or other substances or flavours which pets detest. – It is not necessary to rinse the mouth out after use; the paste can be swallowed without ill-effect. – It contains 0.002% Chlorhexidine as bactericide. Polishing agents and cleansers in PET DENT Toothpaste help to clean teeth without excessive abrasion, removing plaque and controlling odour-causing bacteria.




Tubes of 75 grams

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