MX8 Body Top Swivel Assembly Zodiac

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This product is component no. 3 as shown in MX8 exploded diagram of components.

Please note that the grey fitting on top of the Top cover swivel assembly is not sold separately. it is a complete unit


TIP OF THE DAY - How to remove debris from MX8 engine:

1) Push the latch release button on the "bonnet" of the cleaner.

2) Rotate the top lid assembly back until it clicks into an upward position.

3) Look into engine and remove debris that is present.

4) If needed, slowly push engine paddles forward and/or backwards to move stuck debris to an accessible position then remove it. When moving the engine paddles, make sure the cleaner tracks are allowed to move freely as they will turn as the engine paddles rotate.

5) Close engine top and ensure the latch clicks in place.

Exploded diagram MX8




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