MPV Complete | Replacement Sandfilter MPV Top with body

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If the body of the Multi-Port-Valve (MPV) on the sandfilter is cracked, the entire MPV body should be replaced.

The MPV control water flow and the flow direction through the sandfilter. Switch the pump off before switching to another setting.

The 6 settings are:

  • Filter
  • Bypass / Re-circulate
  • Winter / Closed
  • Backwash
  • Rinse
  • Waste

Filter direct pool water from your pump through the sand filter and return filtered water to the pool. Water enters the drum of the sandfilter at the top; filters through the sand; and exit at the bottom of the drum via the filter's fingers (laterals), leaving dirt and debris in the filter medium (filtersand or Clinobrite). "Filter" is the setting for normal operation.

Bypass or Re-circulate runs pool water passed the sandfilter drum. Used when chemicals is added to the pool or into the weir which you do not wish to pass through the filtersand.

On backwash water enters the drum of the sandfilter from the bottom; bubble through the sand and exit at the top of the drum via the vent cowl, taking dirt and debris with it to the waste pipe. After backwash always "rinse".

Rinse follows "backwash" and direct water the filter medium to clear out more fine dust, dirty and debris. Water passes from the top to bottom via the drum.

Winter / Closed closes all the ports in your multi-port valve for closing your pool or stopping water from going through the multi-port valve.

Waste directs water direct to the waste-pipe and bypasses the filtersand. Use when vacuuming the pool or to lower the water level after rain.

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