Metallic Bogolan Tablecloth

Color: Gold on Black
Size: 175 x 175 cm
R 3,450
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Whether you are celebrating or not, this tablecloth is an embellishment to any textile lover’s dining table.

The Metallic Bogolan Tablecloth is Jacquard woven using the ethnic Bogolan designs of West Africa.

Inspired by the Bogolan Mud Cloth, this design was created in collaboration with Michael Chandler of Chandler House. The Bogolan Mud Cloth is one of Africa’s most unique textiles; it is a handwoven cotton fabric, traditionally dyed with fermented mud, and hand painted with West African designs and symbols.

WEIGHT 1 kg - 3,2 kg
DIMENSIONS 180 x180 cm - 180 x 625 cm and round up to 305 x 305 cm

A blend of French linen and African cotton


Cape Town, South Africa


5cm hem with mitered corner


This product is NOT preshrunk, shrinkage of 5-7% is to be expected
60 degrees Celsius, wash separately on the first wash
Tumble drying should be avoided to minimize shrinkage


Gold on Black, Silver on Black


180 x 180 cm, 180 x 305 cm – 10 Seater, 180 x 370 cm – 12 Seater, 180 x 435 cm – 14 Seater, 180 x 500 cm – 16 Seater, 180 x 565 cm – 18 Seater, 180 x 625 cm – 20 Seater, 305 x 305 cm, 305 x 305 cm2 – ROUND

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