Hypoderm Dark Spot Corrector Night Serum 15ml

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Hypoderm dark spot corrector is the perfect nighttime treatment for fading dark areas of your skin. This treatment used before bed after cleansing will diminish the appearance of dark spots, so you can greet the day with confidence.

Dark areas of skin

Fading dark areas of skin can occur due to acne scarring, sun damage, uneven tone, and ageing. Fortunately, the hypoderm dark spot corrector is uniquely formulated with several active ingredients that work together to diminish the appearance of dark spots on facial skin. Allowing you to remove the dark spots that arise through life, and let your natural beauty show.

Enhance skin cell turnover

Hypoderm dark spot corrector works by enhancing skin cell turnover with retinol A. This helps to bring new skin cells to the surface which reduces the appearance of imperfections and helps remove blemishes. Therefore, it allows your skin to naturally replenish itself.


Hypoderm dark spot corrector is a nonprescription cream, meaning it can be obtained over the counter. Therefore, you can get it whenever you need it without wasting time or money on doctor's appointments.

Herbal ingredients

All of the active ingredients in this hypoderm dark spot corrector are herbal extracts. Hypoderm also does not use synthetic ingredients, meaning they are not artificially produced. Therefore you know that your skin is cared for by nature’s bounty of ingredients.

No harmful ingredients

Hypoderm dark spot corrector also contains no harmful products, like hydroquinone, or bleaching agents. Additionally, it contains no ingredients that could hydrolyse, or undergo a chemical reaction to become hydroquinone, on the skin. Therefore, this hypoderm dark spot corrector is not a bleaching agent, so you have peace of mind that it isn’t damaging your beautiful skin.

No animal testing

Hypoderm does not test its products on animals, giving you peace of mind that no animals were mistreated in the development of this hypoderm dark spot corrector. They also contain no animal extracts, making this an ethical skin care product that doesn’t take advantage of any animals.

Clinical data

The majority of hypoderm products undergo clinical trials. These provide clinical data that substantiate the effectiveness of their products. Therefore, you have peace of mind that their products are high quality, effective, and work as advertised.

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