Cooking Hob Kitty Carpet Blue

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The Cat's Life Cooking Hob Kitty Carpet is packed with high-potency catnip, this mat is great for scratching and kneading. It is great for solo play and each element of the play mat contains many petals and pockets to complicate the tasks of find treats or dry food. This is a perfect one stop kitty playground that is soft and inviting, the soft fabric is gentle on your pet's sensitive face and body. The Cat's Life range of cat toys aim to bring variety to your cat's life, relieving boredom and encouraging his curious and playful character.

For washing, it is suitable for both hand and machine. Wash in pet-friendly detergent, in cold water and gentle cycle.

Size: 35cm x 50cm

Warning Notice: Always supervise your cat when playing with this, or any, cat toy. Please put the toys in a safe place when not in use. This practice will add lots of life to your new cat toy.

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