Pigeon Breast Care Pump

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Summary & Product Specifications

  • Helps in extracting the excess milk from the breast.
  • Easy to use and painfree extraction.
  • Safe for you and your baby.
  • Helps to keep your breast free from extra milk.


Pigeon Breast Care Pump.

  • We know that mother's milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby, but you may not always be there to feed your child.
  • With PIGEON Breast Pump, maintaining successful breastfeeding would be a breeze as the breast pump allows mothers to release and store breast milk.
  • After breastfeeding, it is recommended to empty your breasts by expressing any remaining milk, as the more milk being consumed or drawn out, the more your breasts will produce.
  • By emptying your breasts, it also helps to prevent any block ducts that can lead to painful engorgement. You may express your breast milk using PIGEON Breast Pump.
  • Never use this expressed milk to feed your baby.
  • Discard any of the contaminated milk. Use under your medical practitioner's or lactation consultant's direction.

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