Africhem Calcium Chloride 4kg

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When should this product be used?

  1. Normally added to new marble plastered pools to correct hardness levels
  2. To raise low calcium levels in water

Africhem calcium chloride raises the hardness level in water, thus the amount of calcium.

Ideal range for swimming pools: 250-500ppm

  • IMPORTANT: Low hardness levels in marblite pools may cause pitting or pit-marks and reduce the life of the marblite tremendously. Therefore test and correct hardness monthly or at least every 6 months. Use Aquachek silver test strips

  • High calcium lead to calcium build-up, i.e. white substance become visible if mosaic tiles are installed on waterline. To remove excess calcium or white marks of, use Mosaic Wonder



  • "Hard water" is water with a high mineral content
  • Do not add calcium chloride before testing the hardness level as this will raise the hardness level.

Africhem's Calcium Chloride keeps your calcium hardness at proper levels at all times to help protect your pool, water, and pool equipment. Africhem Calcium Chloride raises the hardness level of water. Low hardness levels cause pitting in marblte pools and high levels lead to calcium buildup on equipment etc. - See more at:

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