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TVs have become a vital appliance in any household. It isn’t just the primary source of entertainment today, but also a way to spend quality time with friends and family. This is assisted by the rise of streaming services that deliver even more entertainment options to the household.

With the popularity of TVs, it is no surprise that there are so many companies manufacturing TVs today. That is why we decided to take a closer look at Telefunken one of the worlds leading TV manufacturers, and some of their products. To help you make an informed decision when looking for your next TV.

Telefunken History

Telefunken was founded in 1903 in Germany as a merger between two rival research groups. They started with a focus on the development of techniques for wireless information transmission and were pioneers in RADAR and radio technology.

Telefunken debuted their work in TVs at the Grand German Radio Exhibition in Berlin in 1928, where they presented a television set for the first time in public. They then went on to develop Phase Alternating Line (PAL) technology in 1962. PAL was the standard for colour TVs for half a century.

With almost a hundred years of experience making TVs, and their foundational work in developing modern TVs. Makes it easy to see why Telefunken is held in such high esteem, especially as a brand of TVs. Telefunken TVs offer an elegant design while providing all the features that a modern TV needs.

Telefunken 39” Smart HD LED TV

One of the best value-for-money modern TVs is the Telefunken 39” Smart HD LED TV. This TV has a range of modern features that make this Telefunken TV smart, and convenient.

Full HD LED Display

This Telefunken TV 39 inch (99.06cm) display is the perfect balance of size. It’s not too big so will fit any household, while being big enough to provide an amazing entertainment experience. This is helped by its full high definition (HD) 1920x1080 resolution that is complimented by its 3000:1 contrast ratio, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and brightness of 200cd/m². These features provide stunning picture quality, ensuring you have the best viewing experience possible.


This Telefunken TV has a variety of connectivity options for your convenience. These include the following:

  • 2x HDMI: HDMI is the minimum cable type that can carry an HD signal. Making it the standard connection type for modern HD devices. That is why this Telefunken TV has two HDMI ports allowing you to connect multiple HD devices. This makes swapping from watching a Blu-ray movie, to playing on your newest console as easy as pushing a button on the remote.
  • 2x USB: USB is the standard connection type for data transfer on most small devices. These include digital cameras, smartphones, and obviously USB sticks. That is why this Telefunken TV has two USB ports, allowing you to connect your devices and share media directly to your TV. This is perfect for showing friends and family the photos of your latest trip, a funny home video, or your directorial debut. Whatever you need this Telefunken TV has USB ports to allow you to share it all.
  • Smart TV

    This Telefunken TV's smart functions truly make it the perfect modern smart TV. Running on an Android 9.0 operating system which gives you access to the Google Play store, and makes this an Android TV. With Play store access you can get all the apps you know and love, and ensure that they are constantly kept up to date. Additionally, 1 GB RAM ensures that your apps run smoothly, while the 4 GB storage gives you plenty of space for all of your favourite apps. Play store apps include Netflix, Disney+, Youtube, and many more. Therefore, this Telefunken TV provides a variety of entertainment options.

    Internet Access

    No smart TV can really be called smart without internet access. This is why this Telefunken Tv has a variety of internet connection options for your convenience. These include the very convenient built-in WiFi, for an easy no cable, no fuss connection. Unfortunately for some their internet modem is too far from their tv, which is why this Telefunken smart TV also has a standard ethernet (RJ45) port. This allows you to connect it directly to the modem, which can also improve the connection speed for HD streaming. This can help to prevent those annoying buffering pauses.

    With so many great features making this TV convenient, and smart while providing excellent entertainment experiences. Many would think this Telefunken TV’s price would be an arm and a leg. Luckily I am here to tell you that you can get this great TV here for R4999. Therefore, this Telefunken TV really is one of the best value-for-money smart TV’s on the market today.

    How Long is Telefunken TV Warranty?

    Telefunken TVs have a standard 1-year manufacturer guarantee from Telefunken. This ensures that all the features of any Telefunken TV will work when you get it. This guarantee also covers any breakage that occurs in the first year as a result of a manufacturing defect. This goes to show the faith that Telefunken has in their TVs, and why Telefunken TVs are held in such high regard.

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