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Ultrum PLus – When it comes to dogs and puppies, powerful ULTRUM Plus Shampoo is the flea and tick shampoo of choice. Safe, long-lasting, veterinarian-recommended ULTRUM Plus Shampoo contains Evening Primrose Oil and conditioners to leave the coat healthy and shiny. For complete all-over cleanliness, treat your dog to an ULTRUM Plus shampooing and watch her step out in style. This luxury flea and tick shampoo contains pyrethroid insecticides plus Evening Primrose Oil, lanolin and conditioners for use on dogs and puppies. Animals are free of all bugs and look and smell their best after Ultrum Plus therapy. – Use ULTRUM Plus Shampoo when fleas and ticks are a problem and you want to ensure that your dog is completely free of these parasites. – ULTRUM Plus Shampoo is compatible with other forms of flea treatment and can be used in conjunction with them. – ULTRUM Plus Shampoo is for use on dogs ONLY. It contains Permethrin and Esbiothrin. – The high-quality formulation ensure


A stable formulation containing pyrethrum (natural) 0.11%, piperonyl butoxide 1.1%, liquid lanolin 2%, coconut oil derivatives 2.5%, conditioners 10.3%.


250 ML

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