Ultrum Duration 350ml

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Ultrum Duration – If you see 5 fleas on your dog, you can be sure there are at least 95 fleas and their eggs hiding in the pet’s bedding, in your carpets and in your furniture. And when you treat your dog for fleas, remember that the flea eggs in your household will hatch and infest him again. ULTRUM Duration gives certainty in clearing a flea infestation: just spray pet’s bedding and your carpets and furniture with ultra-long-acting ULTRUM Duration. Now relax totally, because this aerosol spray acts for up to 6 months, killing fleas and preventing eggs from hatching. ULTRUM Duration is safe to use, doesn’t stain fabrics or damage furniture (but a test spray on a non-visible area is always a good idea).


Permerthrin 14,8g/kg Es-bioalletrin 1,2g/kg Pyriproxifen 0,4g/kg


350ml aerosol can

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