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SEBBADERM Shampoo is a medicated shampoo prescribed when dogs or cats suffer from certain skin problems. Its a non-perfumed fungicidal and antibacterial shampoo that helps to remove dead skin, scales and excessive oily secretions. It relieves itch and leaves skin clean and the coat soft and shiny. Some pets suffer from seborrhoea and develop unsightly scales and crusts, or show excessively oily secretions on the skin. This may be accompanied by itching. SEBBADERM will clean up these scales and crust and reduce the oily secretion. Itch will also be relieved. The skin and coat will become clean and soft. SEBBADERM is mildly antibacterial; it also has antifungal properties and many cat owners use SEBBADERM routinely, especially before cat shows. Contains salicylic acid, precipitated sulphur and N – trichloromethyl – mercapto – 4 cyclohexene -1, 2 – dicarboximide in a thick, high foaming shampoo base. SEBBADERM is not perfumed.


Contains 2% salicylic acid, 2% precipitate sulphur & 2% Kaptan in a thick, high foaming shampoo base. Not perfumed.


5 litre container

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