Purl Freshness Spray 200ML

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Purl Freshness Spray – Dogs get dry skin, just like humans. And sometimes dogs get smelly coats too. PURL Freshness brings out the best in every dog: its antibacterial and contains moisturizers to soften and protect your dogs skin and coat and at the same time get rid of doggy odours. Use fresh-fragranced PURL Freshness when you groom your dog to make him or her look and feel attractive. Now you can hug your dog again! PURL Freshness Spray is a moisturising, conditioning deodorant spray with antibacterial action. It contains Triclosan, a broad-spectrum, long-lasting antibacterial, which gets rid of bacteria on the coat and skin and kills micro-organisms which could cause bad odours. Other ingredients (urea and glycerin) soften coat and skin, and help retain moisture and reduce irritation. The spray has a pleasant baby-powder fragrance which can last for days, depending on the type of coat. Apply Purl Freshness Spray to the coat to just moisten it, then groom using a brush. This


Ethyl alcohol, water,alpha-hydroxyacid,hydrating agent, glycerol, perfume,triclosan



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