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MSM and physiology MSM has a vitamin-like moderating or normalising influence on body functions. There appears to be a relationship between abnormal physiological symptoms and low blood levels of MSM in humans. A low concentration of MSM is associated with stress, both physiological and physical, organ and tissue malfunction, fatigue and susceptibility to disease. MSM has been shown to normalise certain body functions in patients displaying physiological symptoms of stress, specifically gastrointestinal upset, inflammation of mucous membranes, allergic reactions, drug hypersensitivity and inflammatory disorders including arthritis, muscle cramps and infections. INDICATIONS : Disorders such as gastro-enteritis, lameness and muscle pain. Epiphisitis in foals. General supplementation to assist horses under stressful conditions. FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: The recommended maintenance dose is 5 – 10g per day. 10 – 20g per day for 7 days has been used initially, to reduce sym


Healthtech ULTRA PURE MSM is the purest form of dietary methylsulphonylmethane, a natural sulphur nutrient available.



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