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Mucho Loco Monster energy drink is a refreshing fruity drink that will keep you going. As the second biggest brand of energy drink by market share you can be sure that it will still deliver that boost of energy you need. Providing increased productivity and alertness whenever you may need it.

Fruity flavour

Mucho Loco Monster is made with a delightful blend of 100% natural fruit juice concentrates. While primarily mango it also includes white grapes, guava, apple, pineapple, passion fruit, apricot, peach, orange, and lemon. This gives it a mango fruity flavour that will refresh you on a hot summer day. While also providing some Vitamin C making this one of the healthier Monster energy drinks on the market.

Ideal caffeine content

Mucho Loco Monster contains 152mg of caffeine per can. This is the ideal dosage as it provides a good amount of caffeine to give you energy without exceeding 160mg. As consuming more than 160mg of caffeine can lead to adverse side effects such as headaches. Meaning this energy drink contains the perfect amount to give you energy without negative side effects.

Easy to fit calorie content

Mucho Loco Monster contains 46 calories per 100ml making it easy to fit into your diet. Allowing you to get long-lasting energy no matter how strict your diet is. Meaning you can perform at your peak for extended periods when you need it most thanks to this refreshing energy drink.

Vitamin B12

Mucho Loco Monster contains vitamin B12 which is known to improve energy levels. Additionally, it benefits the function of your brain. Therefore, it allows you to be alert and functioning at 100% whenever you need it most.

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