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Say goodbye to smelly mattresses and wet sheets in the morning and help your child to be more confident!

FeelGood DryNight is a homeopathic natural remedy for bedwetting in children. This remedy relieves anxiety as well as relaxes nervous children. It tones and strengthens immature bladders and reduces bedwetting ultimately improving self-esteem.

Homeopathic remedy for bedwetting (enuresis) in children

  • Relieves anxiety and relaxes nervous children
  • Tones and strengthens immature bladders
  • Reduces bedwetting and improves self-esteem

How do I use DryNight?

DryNight comes in pillule form with a pleasant-tasting sucrose base.

Simply dissolve two tablets in a clean mouth twice daily until the child is dry for a few nights. Should the child begin wetting the bed again after a period of dryness, simply administer DryNight again for a few days until the problem clears again.

Feelgood Tip:

If the bedwetting is linked to any type of trauma, depression or anxiety, the child may also benefit from Feelgood Health MindSoothe Jr or K-OK KiddieCalmer

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