Creche Guard Immune Syrup 200ml

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cherry flavoured multivitamin syrup with a combination of vitamins and minerals that may assist your child’s body in maintaining a healthy immune system and supporting general well-being.

Tasty cherry flavoured
Alcohol, Gluten and Tartrazine free
With Zinc & Vitamin C for Immune Defence
Daily Supplement


Creche Guard is a multivitamin syrup formulated to help maintain your child's immune system and support their general well-being. This daily supplement is good for kids and gives you peace of mind that your child receives all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy.

Cherry flavoured

Creche Guard has a delightful cherry flavour that your children will love. So you won’t need a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down. Your children will happily take it each day, ensuring they are protected without any trouble convincing them to take it.

Vitamins and minerals

A specially formulated combination of vitamins and minerals goes into Creche Guard to ensure the health of your child. These include the following:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports immune system health, aids healthy bone growth, maintains nervous system health, and it’s an antioxidant. 
  • B Vitamins: Creche Guard contains a variety of B vitamins including B3, B5, B6, B2, B10, folic acid(B9), Biotin(B7), and B12. These B vitamins are very important to your child's health. As they promote healthy skin, hair and nails, assist in the growth and functioning of the brain and nervous system and assist in the functioning of the digestive system being involved in converting fats and carbohydrates into energy. They also help with the production of red blood cells and keep the immune system healthy.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps protect your child's cells against damage caused by free radicals.
  • Zinc: Zinc is vital to the healthy growth and development of your child. That is because cell growth, tissue repair for wound healing, and protein building for muscles and enzymes all require zinc. Zinc is also known for boosting the immune system and assisting brain development.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A supports normal growth and development, maintains healthy bones and soft tissue, and has antioxidant properties that help maintain a healthy immune system. It also supports vision and eye functions, and the functioning of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is vital to the absorption of calcium and phosphorous which are necessary for healthy bones and teeth. This vitamin also boosts the immune system by aiding in the activation of white blood cells which are the vital first line of defence in the immune system.
  • Creche Guard contains all of these vital vitamins and minerals that support the growth and development of your child. While also boosting their immune system to help them fight off any pathogens they may encounter. Making Creche Guard the obvious choice to ensure your child's health.

    Alcohol, Gluten, and Tartrazine free

    Creche Guard contains no alcohol, gluten or tartrazine, ensuring that it is safe for most children to use. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with other immune-boosting supplements like Zinplex. So you have peace of mind that your child is not ingesting any harmful substances.

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