Copronat 250ml BD

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COPRONAT liquid spray.
Add COPRONAT to the food of the animal whose faeces is being consumed ie if a dog is eating the cat’s faeces, spray onto the cat’s food.

Change the environment of the dog to relieve stress, boredom and anxiety.

Owner education – ignore the dog when it eats the faeces. Scolding the dog may make the problem worse. Make sure the dog is receiving a balanced diet. Triggers that may cause Coprophagia – Anxiousness, fear, stress.

Spray 2ml (4 pump depressions) onto food for every 10kg that the animal weighs.

Use COPRONAT on a daily basis for 6 weeks. 80 – 95% of dogs have been completely cured after this treatment.

For FLATULENCE – Spray on to the food of the animal which experiences flatulence. Same dosage as for Coporophagia.


Yukka schidigera extracts, Grape Seed extracts


250ml liquid spray cannister

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