Bucket Pre-Filter VF200

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Bucket Pre-Filter VF200

The Pre-Filter is a add on to the Bucket Filter. The Pre-Filter gets placed on the water line before the Bucket Filter to help filter out the larger particles so that they do not reach the Bucket Filter. This will help extend the life of the Bucket Filter and also aids in the reducing suspended particles increasing water quality!

Carbon based reticulated foam filtration infused with Silver.
Silver infused – Bacteriostatic properties preventing biofouling in the foam.
It’s Simple — Attach to the Village Bucket Filter for longer lasting life and consistent flow.
Cost Efficient — By adding the pre filter you extend the life of your primary filter and so save more on not needing to replace it. It does not affect the flow rate but keeps the consistency of the primary bucket filter flow.
Easy Maintenance — screw open and clean out filter media.
There is always a need for a pre filter – Our pre filter will reduce turbidity, extend the life of the primary filter, and help maintain a good flow rate.
Pore Size – 60 to 100 micron openings.

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