BROADLINE small CAT<2.5kg (0.3ml) SINGLE Top Spot

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BROADLINE®, top spot
* Easy application with applicator
* 2 systemics : eprinomectin ( covers roundworm,hookworm,heart worm,lung worm)
Praziquantel ( covers tapeworms)
* 2 Topicals non-systemic : Fipronil ( fleas,ticks)
S – methoprene ( fleas eggs,fleas larvae)
* Systemics reach peak concentration within an hour ,then wash out completely-no persistence
* Kills fleas within 24 hrs,prevents infestations up to 7 weeks
* Kills ticks within 48hrs,prevents infestations up to 5 weeks
* Appy to base of neck/between shoulders
* No pregnancy and lactation claim,but no reports of fetotoxicity ,vet to do risk/benefit assessment
* Minimum age: 7 weeks,minimum weight: 0.6 kg
* Use:
Monthly — for kittens up to 6 months of age
Monthly — during flea & tick season if risk of worms
Monthly at catteries & welfares
Monthly for heart worm prevention
Quarterly for indoor/outdoor cats
Twice per year for indoor cats


Fipronil 83 mg/ml (s)-methoprene 100 mg/ml Eprinomectin 4 mg/ml Praziquantel 83 mg/ml Excipients: Butylhydroxytoluene (0,1 %)


Single application with applicator

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