3ply Disposable Face Mask - Box of 50

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Ideal for the health enthusiast

Recent studies suggest that wearing a mask is highly effective in preventing the spread of viruses. Masks ultimately prevent large droplets of bodily fluids that may contain viruses from escaping via the nose and mouth as well as protect against splashes and sprays from others, such as sneezes and coughs.

Each mask in this Box of 50 x 3ply Disposable Face Mask is light-weight and latex-free. Fitted with two elastic straps to place around the ears for a comfortable fit. This mask will protect and guarantee good hygiene conditions. These masks allow you to breathe and speak normally and will not block your vision.

Product Features:

🧡 3ply
🧡 Box of 50
🧡 Protect your airway from toxins, small particles and dust
🧡 Light-weight and easy to breathe through
🧡 Elastic straps hold the mask in place behind the ears
🧡 Latex-free
🧡 Disposable

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